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My skin is the most sensitive, annoying, dry/oily stubborn mess. After having a really bad allergic reaction to my cleanser causing a rash all over my face, down my neck and on my chest I decided I needed something completely natural and minimise the damage. Whilst there I came out with a whole new skin care routine and lots of bath products too.IMG_3571.JPG

Angels on bare skin £6.95 / £17.35- Angels on bare skin is the gentlest cleanser available. It is a strange solid porridge like consistency which you mix in your palm with water to form a paste then rub allover the face. The ground almonds create almond milk that soothe and brighten the skin.

Eau Roma Water £8.50 – Eau Roma water is a toner water made out of Lavender water and rose water. It is suitable for sensitive skin and helps to reduce redness, you can either spray straight onto the face or onto a cotton pad then the face.

Imperialis £13.95 – Imperialis is a lightweight moisturiser that sits comfortably under makeup and is great for the skin that can’t make up it’s mind. I use this as part of my morning skincare routine.

Full of grace £8.25 – Full of grace is a deeply moisturising serum bar that melts under body temperature. It’s full of natural oils and calamine powder that controls gresiness. I now use this as part of a nighttime routine.


Rehab  £5.75 – £31.50 – Rehab shampoo is packed full of fruits with strengthening olive oil and jojoba oils. As my hair is bleached i am hoping that this will help with the dryness and pack it full of goodness.

Marilyn £9.75 – £16.75 – Marilyn is a hair mask enriched with brightening and strengthening oils. It is full of natural ingredients that help reduce brassiness of hair and olive oil to prevent breakage.


Outback mate £3.50 – £17.50 – Outback mate is a refreshing soap, the peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass is  great for waking you up on a morning. The smell is probably not to alot of peoples taste but i love it and i’m now onto my fourth batch.

Honey I washed the kids £3.50 – £17.50 – Honey i washed the kids is a soft and gentle caramel scented soap. The smell is universally delicious and it’s very tempting to try to take a bite out of it.


Lover Lamp £3.95 – Lover Lamp is a valentines day bath bomb made out of cocoa butter it is very moisturising, with vanilla hints and orange oil it is very gentle and soft on the skin.

Unicorn Horn £4.25 – Unicorn horn is a bubble bar, recently reformulated, with a lavender scent this is great for a bedtime bath. I love pairing a bubble bar with a bath bomb so you have the best of everything.

Rose Jam  £3.75 – Rose Jam bubbleroon is something I haven’t tried before. Rose is such a gorgeous smell and macaroons have got to be one of my favourite things in the world. Cocoa and shea butter mixed with rose oil sound like a dream team and i can’t wait to use this.

Intergalactic £3.95 – Intergalactic is defiantly my favourite bath bomb, it transforms your bath into a galaxy and gives off a minty fresh scent.


Rosie Gift Box £24.50 – Rosie is full of rose scented products, what’s not to love? I initially bought the box because of the rose jam shower gel, after being told that it was becoming permanent at christmas I didn’t top up on it and so my fix could only be fulfilled through this box of goodies, i’m not complaining about that.
It also includes a Rose Jam bubbleroon, Argan body conditioner, Jason and the argan oil shampoo bar and a tisty tosty bath bomb.


Do you own any of these products? Let me know what you think of them!
Thanks for reading, K x

3 Replies to “Lush Haul”

  1. Hi korrie, how did the skincare work out for the same i cant find a product my skin gets on with and im in meed of skin is oily but dry and sensitive. Ive used la roche posay and vicky in the past ..but thats too harsh for my skin…i really wanna try lush skincare so would love to know your expierence with it. Or any other skin care products yoy can recommend. Do you cleanse tone and moisturise daily? Would love to hear about your skincare routine. Love your blog! X


    1. Hello Lovely! It’s amazing, It’s calmed my skin down so much and it’s mostly just dry now. The cleanser is so gentle and If everything else is too harsh i would defiantly recommend “angels on bare skin”and the “full of grace serum” is so so nice for a night time moisturiser. Yes I do daily but only Cleanse on a morning but if i have had makeup on all day i will remove it with a makeup wipe (they’re the only things that work for my skin and don’t make me have a rash) then will go in with a little cleanser. the only other skin care that’s been okay for me is “simple” that doesn’t upset my skin. But I would say go for lush I couldn’t be happier with the products. Thank you so much, it’s so nice to hear xxxx


  2. Thanks for your reply, yes thats so true i use the simple light moisturiser daily on a morning actually..but i find the cleanser aint great or the toner! I will be getting myself to lush to try all these…thanks a million! X


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