So… It’s been a while

Welcome back,

I don’t even have an excuse as to where i have been! I’m just a very lazy person but I AM BACK. Both a mixture of really missing blogging and finding anything to distract me from writing my dissertation has brought me here. Wow, I have already managed to write more words here than for that (jokes).


A lot has happened in the past 9 whole months since i last posted.


I started a job at Anthropologie, got great discount and bought a vast amount of bougie homeware that i did not need.
I started my third year at uni and it’s going terribly to tell you the truth.
I turned 22 – ahhhh
I spent my birthday in Berlin drinking lots of beir and eating far too much (blogpost to come).
I left Anthropolgie and I’m now working in a watch boutique – Larsson and Jennings.

I have lots of makeup and skincare and everything else to share with ya’ll so bare with me..


speak soon, K x




other places to find me:

Instagram: KorrieKorrie

Youtube: KorrieKorrie

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