Egyptian Magic all purpose skin cream

Just under three months ago I was given a pot of Egyptian magic to play with. It is described as an all purpose cream which made me a little sceptical if i am honest. In this beauty world there is a cream, serum, scrub and potion for every tiny skin care need and of course we need every single one to perform a different job. But after months of daily use i have come to the conclusion that this pot that houses only six ingredients is well worth picking up. It has made me pack much lighter, stop buying more skin care and improved my skin naturally HURAAY!

It’s an interesting consistency, it’s an oily balm and when rubbed between fingers or hands the warmth of your body breaks it down into an oil that can be used anywhere. A tiny bit of it really goes a long way, after using this daily i have barely dented it, I can seriously see this stuff lasting years *franticly searches tub for best by date – 2020* Yes as i said, years. It is 100% natural, has no nasties and is cruelty free! It is backed by many celebrities and their makeup artists and better still if you’re not happy with it you can return it for a full refund.


Anyway after all that gushing, now onto my favourite ways of using it.

As a Cleanser, this has to be my most favourite way to use it, it breaks down makeup amazingly even mascara and doesn’t strip your skin which is something i have found 99% of cleaners do to me. It also leaves it feeling hydrated and plump because it’s so rich!

After feeling oh so lazy and not wanting to get up to find where i had left my lip balm I decided to smooth it all over my lips too and I’m so happy i did. It works as an amazing Lip balm and when slathering my face in it before bed my lips now get a dousing of it too.

My second favourite way to use it is as my Nighttime moisturiser I find it a little too greasy to get away with during the day but on the train home i’m dreaming about when i can remove my make up and massage this baby in. By next morning my skin is looking radiant. 

On my days off i love to use it as an uber moisturising Face mask I love to lather it on when sat in the house and swear it is what is keeping my flakey cheeks at bay.

Now that the weather is changing my newest way of using it is as a foot mask under some cosy socks with an autumn candle burning, heaven!


A couple of other uses : Body moisturiser, Hair mask, Lubricant, On cuts and grazes, Scar treatment, Eye cream, stretch mark treatment, Eczema & psoriasis cream, Baby cream, Shaving cream, Burn Treatment, Hand cream, Tattoo cream, Nappy rash cream, On cracked nipples, Makeup primer…



As you can tell i’m a HUGE fan!! And Egyptian Magic, if you are reading this please bring out a squeezy tube version

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