My Birthday Wishlist

As it’s now my birthday month i thought that i would put together a shoppable blogpost incase you were stuck on what to buy me…


All jokes aside I’m a big believer in buying yourself birthday presents (I can’t be the only one!?) So i thought i would share some of the things i’m considering buying myself and some things that I would love to, if only i didn’t have rent to pay OR if only they were actually made in average sizes, *Cough* I’m looking at you Bella Freud!! So incase you’re looking for some inspiration have a little peruse of my wishlist.


1. The Good Witch’s Guide   2. Byredo Flowerhead  3. Fred Perry x Bella Freud
4. Bella Freud   5. Doodle Tumbler  6. Gin Book   7. Gucci Soho Disco Green
8. Sunday Riley   9. Pink Lamp  10. Jo Malone English Oak  11. Circle Cushion
12. Diptyque Vetyverio  13. Kypris  14. Mabel and Meg Serum 
15.  Eye Essentials   16. Glossier Phase 1 Set  17. Diptyque Candle 
18. Ghost Warrior ring  19. Gucci Soho Disco Black 


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