For her : Christmas gift guide

Welcome back to my second instalment of my 2017 gift guide. Today’s post is all about gifts for her.

I didn’t feel like a “true blogger” until i owned a Diptyque candle, and i’m sure they will be on quite a few peoples radars too. They are pricey little things but smell GLORIOUS. This set makes it feel like you get a little more bang for your buck and includes the baies candle which i think is the most popular (and rightly so) and a mini of the Lombre Dans perfume which is basically the best thing i have ever smelled all in a stunning box! BUT to let you in on a secret i recently went to Rituals and their Goji berry candle smells similar to baies and you get a way bigger candle for less money or a giant candle for £47.50. But if you wanted to stick true to Diptyque they also have a gorgeous holiday perfume set   Generally speaking perfumes and candles are a good way to go if you know the person well enough. 

As i said in my last blog post a Dressing gown and Pjs are a Christmas staple and the starting point of gift buying for me, it’s always great to have new pjs to change into after you have eaten far too much on christmas day.
I have had my dressing gown for a good 2 years now and it’s one of the best things i have ever bought seriously! It’s from Marks and Spencers but they don’t sell that exact one anymore however they do have lots of other lovely ones and i couldn’t recommend their quality enough! I particularly love this dressing gown from the Rosie for autograph range.  And for pyjamas i love classic red and white checkered ones such as these from Marks and Spencers (they have very similar in primark for £8!!! that i think are nicer) or i love some really tacky novelty  ones also these Mikey Mouse ones are so cute so if someone wants to get me them…

Okay, i think Glossier may just have to feature in every gift guide because i just love all their products so much. But to choose one product a simple all around pleaser has got to be the Balm dotcom which you could give to just about anyone. But for that special lady i would recommend the Balm dotcom trio, it’s by far the best lip balm i have ever used and you can choose 3 different flavours, i highly recommend coconut being one of them. Shop with 10% off through this link –

Another special christmas idea i love are a pair of winter boots, in particular Dr martens. Last year i got my Grandma a pair and the year before i got my boyfriend a pair. They both couldn’t be happier with them, they’re timeless and the quality means they truly last forever! This year i decided to get myself an early christmas present and got the Bianca smooth chelsea boot , i’m still in the breaking in stage which is agonising but i am so in love with them!

I’m not going to go too much into beauty and makeup as i plan on doing a separate post all about it but another main present idea is limited edition palettes. My newest has been the Kat Von D Saint and Sinner palette which is stunning to look at packaging and shade wise and also the formula is incredible i couldn’t recommend it enough!

And lastly i’m really into collecting prints this year and think they make truly amazing gifts, i’m having to really stop myself from buying this Debbie Harry Andy Warhol print for myself. An independent illustrator i love is Lauren who runs Naked fashions and has her own shop I particularly love her Makeup bag personalised illustration which i’m dying to get my hands on but can’t make my mind up which products i would want, she also has a bunch of other amazing prints so go have a peek!


More shoppable ideas:

Boob bedding  /  Kat Von D palette  /  Amy Winehouse brooch  /   Christmas scarf  /  Personalised sack  /
Debbie Harry,Andy Warhol print  /  Charlotte Tilbury set

Byredo Mojave Ghost  /  BKR bottle Dressing gown  /  Smith cosmetics eye set Lush Christmas bathtime favourites Floral pyjamas  /  Diptyque Christmas candle Personalised beauty print

Bamboo handle bag  /  Gingerbread pyjamas Striped bedding Truffles Sloe gin  /  Nars Man Ray set  /  Kiehls limited edition midnight recovery  /  Alex Monroe whale necklace

Marc Jacobs dew drops  /  Basket Plant rack  /  Charbonnel & Walker hot chocolate  /  Kat Von D shade and light  /  Warhol – All is pretty print


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